Your Trusted Scrubber Machine Maintenance Expert

CAM Scrub Machine Service is a company that I recently started. Located in Boston, MA, I offer a wide range of scrubber machine maintenance services, from regular inspections and parts replacements to complex repairs and much more. Working with me is ideal. Want to find out why? Here, you can.

Why Choose My Company? 

Since day one, I have done my best to assist floor cleaning companies with their scrubber machine repair and maintenance needs. I work hard to create a business that I strive to turn into a go-to option for every floor cleaning business in the area. I am customer-focused and detail-centered and offer cost-friendly rates while maintaining quality-based work.

Scrubber Machine Maintenance

How Am I Different? 

My wealth of knowledge and high level of expertise with the years of experience I have in scrubber machine maintenance tasks make CAM Scrub Machine Service a reputable business. I apply a step-by-step approach with great attention to detail to make sure every issue I alter is addressed properly. In addition, I use top-shelf equipment to deliver the impeccable work my clients expect.

Contact my company in Boston, MA if you are interested in the scrubber machine repair and maintenance work I provide. You can learn more about my business, request an estimate for my labor, and make an appointment by dialing (774) 269-9868. I’m looking forward to your call. Get in touch today!

Services List

  • Floor Scrubber Repair
  • Floor Scrubber Maintenance
  • Squeegee
  • Vacuum
  • Blockages
  • Brush
  • Battery
  • Tire
  • Wheel
  • Water Flow
  • Switch and Speed Control
  • On-Site Service
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